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Revit Measured Surveys London


Revit is our favourite software program and we have been using point clouds with Revit since 2011, in the early days through screen grabs and point cloud measurements. Since 2011 we have produced over 1000 Scan to BIM models working mainly in London but also in Cardiff, Bristol and throughout South West England.
Revit Measured Surveys London

Stable, accurate
REVIT Survey Models

We are AutoDesk Certified and work to make clean, stable, usable models of existing site conditions. We dont outsource work and we always work natively within the program - no glitchy imports.
Revit Measured Surveys London

REVIT Families

We build custom parametric families to represent site conditions and we dont use third party families unless requested. This means we can keep models, light flexible and workable.

Scan To BIM - Revit Measured Building Surveys

Revit is the program we love - is there anything better than producing a clean, accurate 3D model of a target building? Probably but that is what we like to do. From renders to AutoCAD extractions - A solid workable 3D Revit model alongside a point cloud is a great central resource for any building refurbishment project.
Measured Building Survey London


We have alot of Revit projects and we havnt put them all up here but these should give you an idea of what we produce