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3D Laser Scanning

We started using Leica C10 Laser scanners in 2010 and offering Laser Scanning and Measured Building Surveys as PointBIM in 2011. The C10 offered millions of captured points in a day compared to the few hundred possible with a total station. Our early projects included the Victorian Arcades in Cardiff and University of West of England campus.
the 1858 Royal Arcade in Cardiff - Scanned by PointBIM in 2010
Since 2011 we began to use Laser Scanners on every project and offer Greyscale and Colour Scanning as well as a host of point cloud deliverables from rendered images to flythroughs and meshes. Our most popular service is Revit Drawup but we also offer AutoCAD, Sketchup and of course the point cloud itself.

All our surveys come with hosted 360 degree photography and offer a full representation of the target building.
360 Webviewer from a Colour scan survey
We have completed thousands of Laser Scanning projects and can offer a tailored service to suit your project requirements.
Revit Building Survey


We have completed thousands of Laser Scanning projects since 2010, some of our projects can be seen here