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Revit Building Survey

AutoCAD and Computer Aided Design was a major breakthrough in its day and revolutionised the drafting process for Architectural plans. Before its wide spread adoption plans were drafted by hand. However it is rare today to find clients and Architects relying on hand drawn plans for a building projects.

Revit and 3D modelling for existing buildings is a revolution of the same degree. While a well plotted CAD plan can be appreciated for its technical skill, the utility of a full 3D model of a target building is difficult to counter in AutoCAD 2D Drafting.

Revit Building Survey

Pointcloud overlay of a Revit Model

One model to rule them all

No project can move forward without 2D plans. However with Revit they can simply be extracted. There is no need to draw multiple sections, cross referencing other plans to ensure alignment. A few clicks inside Revit and multiple sections can be called up for whatever element is of interest.
Revit Building Survey Elevations

As the model changes so do views

The same is true for elevations. Elevations can be generated with a multitude of view styles, orthographic, perspective, shadows, sun paths - with all settings automated. All veiws update as the model updates so no need to check through multiple drawings to ensure consistency at every design change.

So why use AutoCAD at all?

There are occasions where AutoCAD is still the best solution. While views can be extracted from Revit models they bring with them idiosyncrasies as a result of the way that they have been generated. Problems such as duplicate lines, less rationalised curves, random blocks, splines, lines for hidden faces etc can make extractions irritating to work with. For this reason we tend to clean extractions if they are going to AutoCAD only Architects or draft from scratch in AutoCAD if the project doesnt call for Revit.

AutoCAD Building Survey

Sometimes an AutoCAD 2D Drawup is best
This image for Image Layouts addon

Level Of Detail (LOD)

Of course the level of detail of the completed survey is also important. For a 3D model it is necessary to rationalise building elements to reduce file size and make the model workable. In a 2D AutoCAD drawup there is no such requirement and highly accurate, non rationalised drawups are possible.
LOD Info
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