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Scan To BIM

Scan to BIM / Revit Measured Building Surveys

What is a Scan-to-BIM Survey?

Cardiff City Hall - Scan to Revit

A Scan to BIM survey is a laser scan 'pointcloud' drawn up in a BIM compliant package - most typically Autodesk Revit. Revit represents the building in 3 dimensions but also allows for the extraction of 2D AutoCAD and PDF plans depending on the requirments of the task. It can also export IFC and other 3D formats to interact with other workflows and software platforms.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a wider process allows for the digital representation of a built asset and its lifecycle. With Revit catering to the new old workflows it makes sense for newly commissioned surveys to be carried out in this format and traditional 2D, 3D mesh to be extracted as required. 

Laser Scan Survey, Brstol - Goldney Grotto
Kings Cross, London - Scan to BIM Survey

Challenges of Existing Buildings

BIM modelling software is generally well suited for representing modern buildings from the design stage. Modelling existing buildings however can be more challenging as building components are more likely to be hand built and to come from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

It is the process of representing existing buildings in 3d software that PointBIM has specialised in since 2011. We use a range of modern data capture techniques to accurately capture building dimensions and a deep knowledge of Revit to create accurate and workable models.

Autodesk Certified Professionals

All our current staff hold Autodesk Certification and any new staff employed are working towards it from day one. Autodesk Certification ensures that your surveyor is well versed in Revit and is building clean, coherent models. The time it takes to do this at the outset is time saved down the line when more expensive construction professionals are making use of the model.
Cardiff Crown Courts - Scan to BIM Survey

Uses and Applications for Revit Models

Drill Hall, London - Scan to BIM Survey


A revit model allows for 3D rendered views through all stages of the planning and development

Clash Detection

The work of different trades can be checked for clashes and alignments in 3D before anyone goes to site saving money and time lost to errors and rerouting


With lots of export options the whole design team can work together on the same central model

Revit Survey Portfolio

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