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Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Surveys

High Definition Laser Scanning Building Surveys

We offer 3d laser scanning surveys throughout the UK.

3D Laser Scanning
is a rapid data capture technique for buildings and land. Where as traditional measurement systems take 1 -2 measurements a second a 3D laser scan survey can capture upto 2 million. These measurements are rendered as a dense point cloud of accurate points. 

Site Survey Methodology

We use single or multiple scanners depending on the size of the project and can survey large buildings or portfolios in a short amount of time.

Our surveyors require access to all areas of the building and as scanners are line of sight instruments we need an uninterrupted view of any feature or area that needs to be surveyed.

To capture a building in its entirety several consecutive positions or setups are used. These can number from 100 to 1000 depending on the size of the building / project. 

We subsequently join these positions together in a post processing task called registration. This registration creates the final project point cloud from which AutoCAD plans or a Revit models can be drafted.
Laser Scan Survey, Brstol - Goldney Grotto

We deliver

  • Registered pointclouds in formats / densities to suit
  • High dynamic range colour or black and white laser scanning
  • High dynamic range colour or black and white 360 degree panaromic photography 
  • Ortho rectified image extractions, pointcloud renders, walkthroughs, flythroughs
  • Drafting services in AutoCAD and Revit

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